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S02E28 How to catapult your business forward through resilience | Punit Dhillon

July 22, 2021

Hot off the press with his new book Catapult that has reached #1 best seller on Amazon.ca, Punit Dhillon is a long time friend that joins me on this weeks podcast.  Punit has been in the biotech space for quite some time.  Starting from very humble beginnings he has been fortunate to work and grow into the entreprenuer he is today.  This podcast is interesting as we recount his journey, learn what lessons he took away from his 20+ years in corporate world and how he brings it to the world of entreprenuership.  We talk a lot about resilience in this one so if you are struggling in your journey, this episode may have some nuggets in it for you!

If you would like to reach out to Punit, visit him here:

Genius link for Catapult: https://geni.us/Catapult

Punit’s website: https://punitdhillon.com

Torpedo Journal: http://torpedojournal.com

SKYE Bioscience: https://skyebioscience.com


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